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A Joint Venture between Endorphin Entertainment and Fisheye Media Productions, the Story Chronicles the Terminal Illness of Jeremy Williams, Head Coach of Greenville High and His Team’s Unwavering Determination

Nashville, TN – (July 18, 2013) – On August 27, Word Films is slated to release the Endorphin Entertainment  / Fisheye Media Productions inspirational documentary “Season of a Lifetime” on DVD. The film follows Greenville High football coach Jeremy Williams as he perseveres and inspires his team throughout their winning 2010 season in the face of his progressing ALS disease. For his final season as coach, Williams’ beloved small-town Greenville Patriots battle to the playoffs and adopt his never-surrender attitude. “Season of a Lifetime” is produced by Cohen, Bob McAllister and Jason Haley and executive produced by Chris Pullaro. Cohen also served as director and editor of the film.

In 2009, filmmaker Rick Cohen became interested in the story after reading an article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution which recounted the story of the terminally-ill high school football coach that led his team to an undefeated season.  Cohen arranged a meeting with Williams and eventually beat out stiff competition from major TV networks to produce the movie.  In 2010, in spite of doctors’ recommendations and deteriorating health, Williams returned to coach one final season and brought his team once again through a victorious season. Cohen’s cameras captured everything from the field to the doctor’s examination room. The result is a moving and inspiring film that encourages people to live life to the fullest in spite of any adversity.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution recently asked Williams what he hoped the film would show. He responded, “That when things get tough, you can be tough and still love.” Williams’ wife added, “I really hope that people see that, no matter what they might face in life, that through Christ, they can not only get through it but also live a happy, joyful life.”

"In all my years of documenting lives and writing and researching about real people, I never met a man who didn't have a single enemy nor a cross word said about him,” said Cohen. “Jeremy is about as righteous a human being as God has ever put on this earth. He truly walks the talk!”

In 2010, the Williams family also received national attention when ABC’s “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” selected their family to receive a new home suited for his disability and his son’s spina bifida. In addition, his Greenville Patriots also received a new locker room the process. NFL player Michael Oher, whose story was documented in “The Blind Side,” also served as one of the volunteers to help build the home.

The 89-min DVD also includes special footage featuring images from Williams’ college days, footage of the 2009 Greenville football team and the “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” segment. For further information and to view the trailer please visit

My Review:
My family and I watched this movie together and were all inspired to be all that God wants us to be in the time He allows us to be here.  

This film is very well put together and easy to watch.  By the end, you truly love Jeremy Williams and his family.  I love seeing how God uses people to reach other people.  The kids on his team all came with a lot of baggage.  They end with growth in their own lives and knowing what a man of God their coach is.  When asked what they would want him remembered  for, they reply, "A true man of God."  We all need to aspire to be remembered that way.  

Life is not about how much we do or how much we have, it's about how many lives we make a difference in.  

Great job Endorphin Entertainment and Fisheye Media Productions


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