Simon's Crossing

Authors:  Charles William Asher and Dennis Patrick Slattery

Back Cover:
Enter the biblically historic world of Simon of Cyrene, where a world of grief, revenge, and tender devotion awaits.  There, families are torn apart, marauding soldiers enact their violent ways, and random events suddenly disrupt life.  Along this journey there will be encounters with Pontius Pilate, Veronica, Mary, and the sons of Simon, Rufus and Alexander, as they seek to grasp the mystery of a compassionate Nazarene, serenely putting into practice the kingdom of God.
Forced to carry the cross of Jesus, Simon of Cyrene, a little known biblical figure, reluctantly yields to his task.  At the same time, Simon struggles with personal loss and a fiery desire for revenge.  In Simon’s story, the vulnerability of our own journeys is laid bare as we cross paths with a simple wooden cross and a redemptive twist of fate.
In Simon’s Crossing, this ordinary man, from Cyrene, steps boldly our of the pages of the Bible.  He senses that his own life depends on the Nazarene staggering just ahead of him.  Persuaded by sacrificial love, we too discover what it is like to cross over into the imaginal power of a story well-told, where salvation lies close at hand.  Simon’s story compels us to carry on as well.

My review:
When I was asked to read and review Simon’s Crossing by Charles William Asher and Dennis Patrick Slattery, I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  I love reading biblical fiction, and was excited to read about Simon of Cyrene.  I didn’t know much about Simon and was anxious to learn.  Unfortunately, this  wasn’t the case for me.  This book is completely written from the authors imagination and except for the fact that Simon carried the cross, it isn’t very biblically based.  
I did continue to remind myself that this book was fiction, but I really felt there should have been more truth to it since it is being marketed Religious Fiction and since the back of the book describes it to be based on the real story.  I was surprised at the sexual references, very graphically described between Simon and his wife.  I understand times were different back then, but I found the description distasteful and I was somewhat embarrassed to be reading it.
Take away all the sex and rape and this book would have been a wonderful version of what could have been Simon’s reason for being on the road that day.  It did give me insight and deeper thought as to what could have and probably did go on, on that awful day, during that walk to Golgotha.  A deeper look into how Jesus felt about us, even as He was walking His last walk, to save ME.
I know there are a lot of people who would love this book, it is well written, easy to read (minus all the sex), and it is an interesting scenario, I am just probably not the right person for it.  That being said, I do not feel I could recommend it to my target audience.
I definitely think there should be a warning or rating on the book because you would never think it to have such ADULT content.
Thank you iUniverse, Charles Asher, and Dennis Slattery for the complimentary copy of your book in exchange for my honest opinion.
Counting it all Joy!!


Loren July 15, 2010 at 7:33 PM  

Great and honest review :) I do wish some books would come with a warning especially in that manner! I know it isn't easy to do this type of review but you did awesome!


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